What does a Mind Sleuth add to your event?

In 2014, a survey of over 1000 brides from Bridal Magazine asked the brides to reflect upon their wedding. 88% of them stated that they wished that they had spent more money on their entertainment.

Putting together the perfect event can be a stressful job and can sometimes mean that you miss out of booking something very unique for the day/night. There are schedules to keep during the event or someone might be running late, this is where Simon comes in to take the weight off your shoulders. Booking him will mean that you don't have to worry about the entertainment and any quiet periods, as he will be on hand to make sure everyone is smiling and having fun. 

 At many gatherings or special events, many people don't know each other and this is where Simon fits in perfectly, as he can mingle with your guests to have them smiling, laughing and interacting, so that they are having the best time possible and meet new people. 

Most events will hire the standard musicians or magicians, but if you want something truly unique, Simon is the man for the job. With a coloured mohawk, approachable manner and a great sense of humour, he is suited to work with a whole range of people and be sure that they all feel part of the atmosphere he creates.  

Whether it is a special family gathering, your amazing wedding day or a corporate Christmas event, Simon, can add colour, which will make sure that everyone is having a fantastic time.