Welcome to the world of, Mind Sleuth, Simon Cafferty.

After first seeing Derren Brown's special 'Seance' in the early 00's, Simon has been fascinated by the fields of Mentalism, deduction and psychology and he has spent many years refining his skills to become a popular Sleuth at events all across the UK. 

As a Mind Sleuth, Simon has the ability to read, influence and interpret the thoughts of your guests and he does this for entertainment purposes only. Simon is not a psychic and his main skill is picking up the subtle 'tells' which people have and then creating a connection to be able to pick up on what you are thinking about.  Reading people is a skill which Simon has been fascinated by and it is a skill which is used by many professional poker players to read their opponents. 

Simon is not only at your event to tune into your thoughts, he can also show you how you can use your own intuition as well. 

Whether you are having a small gathering in your home or inviting 100 guests to your wedding, Simon is on hand to give them the best experience possible.