I have always held an interest in readings and spent many hours looking into the different types of systems out there from tarot to numerology, But nothing really resonated to me. I am not psychic and don’t believe that we can predict the future from looking at a card, number or rune. 

True wisdom comes from within and life is all about living in the present moment. The present moment can present us with obstacles and my readings can help to provide a different view on a situation, utilise the past to help you in the present, and help you up to begin taking steps to help your future.

My readings are about helping you to unlock different aspects of yourself and gain a better understanding on different areas of your life. This lead me to creating my own oracle deck, digging into the psychology of Freud, Jung and the Stoic philosophy of Marcus Aurelius, Seneca and Epictetus to come up with a unique system to help myself and others. 

The two types of readings I offer and believe to be the most powerful are:

  1. Notes from my underground oracle
  2. Inner Personal Readings

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The right reading can be very powerful and are available for anybody and can be added to any event to provide something really unique and personal.