Celebration Sleuth

As an ideal guest for your celebration, Simon's unique form of mystery entertainment is perfect at almost any type of celebration and add that etra bit of buzz amongst your guests

Simon is known for his friendly personality, excellent sense of humour and professionalism, which means everyone can be comfortable and enjoy his Sleuthing. Whether he is reading a guest or giving them the skills to pick up on his thoughts, Simon is sure to make your celebration a roaring success. 

The different types of celebrations Simon has sleuthed at include: Wedding Anniversaries, work leaving parties, birthday's, end of season celebrations, private gatherings and engagements. 

A Mind Sleuth is perfect for any size group and venue and he will tailor his performance to whatever size group he is performing for. Whether it is a private celebration of 10 guests or a big event with 100 people, Simon will make sure everyone experiences what he has to offer.

Simon can even perform a small parlour style show, which is 45minutes long and is suitable for a party of 5-20 guests and is entitled 'Mind Scene Investigation'.

If you are having a celebration and would like to know more or book Simon, please use the contact page or email Simon@mindsleuth.co.uk

"Simon performed at my 18th Birthday party and he went down a storm. No one could tell how he picked up on their thoughts and we were talking about it all night. He really added an extra element to my party and made it a night to remember. Thanks". 

Michael Ellison (Private Party)