Corporate and Professional Sleuthing

Whether it's team building, exhibition, conference, after work event or a corporate gathering, Simon has the perfect skills to provide an exceptional evening for your company. 

Simon works closely with a wide range of companies to provide them with a bespoke package to make their event memorable. From his close-up sleuthing to a small parlour gathering, he is experienced in making sure everyone is laughing and having a fantastic evening. 

A Mind Sleuth isn't just for entertainment at your event, he can also provide his skills to promote your company at trade show events. Getting more people to your stand can sometimes be a hassle, but with Simon's unique image and personality, he will get people talking about your company and represent them in the most exciting and professional way possible. 

Whatever your business has in mind, Simon is on hand to make it come to life. For more information contact him via the contact page or email

"Simon performed at our companies Christmas celebration and added so much value to the evening. We are only a small company, but he entertained 10 guests with his 'MSI Show' for 45 minutes and it blew our minds. He kept us engaged and involved all the way through". 
Sean Timson - SD UK Manager