Close-Up Sleuthing

One of the most popular bookings is hiring Simon to Sleuth up close and personal with your guests and amaze them with his performance. 

Often known as 'Mix and Mingle' or 'Meet and Greet', close-up Sleuthing is perfect for drinks receptions, cocktail parties, party celebrations, anniversaries, wedding's and networking. 

Having a mind sleuth at your event can bring people together and break the ice. Simon has a very friendly personality and loves getting to know different people and give them the opportunity to see what he does in person. Many people have only ever seen mentalism on the TV, but by hiring Simon they will get to see it in person, up close and be left astonished. 

Simon has performed at award evenings, afternoon lunches, fashion shows, networking events, black tie events and local sports clubs. All events are perfect for his style of mentalism and he works closely with you to make sure that you get the best possible entertainment for your event. 

It's never been easier to hire a Mind Sleuth for your event, you can contact via the contact page or email

"I booked Simon to "Sleuth" at our monthly mixer in January and the service we received was fantastic. Arriving early and staying a little later, Simon made sure everyone got to see his skills and they were all throughly entertained and amazed. I still don't know how that lock opened?! Thanks again Simon, I will be sure to recommend you to all my friends and will be booking you again". 

(Private Close-Up Sleuthing Booking)