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Notes from a Sleuth

Recently I read two words which have made everything start to fall a little more into place for me: Amor Fati. 

This is philospher Friedrich Nietzsche’s formula for greatness in everyone. 

He said: “Amor Fati, ‘love your fate’. which is in fact your life”.

Step into the mind of a Sleuth

For many years I have battled my own demons and the main help has been different lyrics, quotes, and people who bare all through their art. These have become notes which have stuck in my underground, which I use every single day. 

I would like to invite you into my mind as I show you on a weekly basis what helps me get the best out of a range of situations. 

I believe that true wisdom and perspective comes from within each person, but to unlock this wisdom we need to step into our unconscious and my notes help me to do that. 

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It would be great to connect with you and give you a deeper look at the notes which continue to help me every single day.