Notes from the Underground #6: "My Sacrifice"

I was 11 or 12 years old, I think, when I was watching WWE and they played a video for Stone Cold Steve Austin and the song in the background caught my attention right away. At the time I didn't know who it was but as I got older I kept finding my way back to the song and realised it was Creed 'My Sacrifice'. 

My sacrifice is a powerful and motivating song, which never fails to inspire me and make me smile. Part of it takes me back to my childhood of watching football or wrestling, but it also reminds me of my passions and how they help. 

Today's Note from the underground is a great line from the song:


On first glance, you could instantly think this is for people who are in our relationship and for a time I thought it was (and it can be), but this can relate to anything in your life which allows you to escape for a while, pushes you to become a better person or take the next step. It can be a friend, family member, hobby, passion, interest or even  a simple TV show (more on that soon). 

What Creed are expressing, in my opinion, is that we need to hold onto to those people or things which allow us to feel confident, be happy and enjoy life. Too often we can get stuck in a rut or focus on the negative things we have to do (I'm guilty as charged with this), but if we take a moment to really think about the people or interests we have which give us that feeling of being free, it will help us to maintain a good balance and enjoy things more. 

One such interest for me is the TV show the Mentalist. Before February this year I had only ever heard of it but not watched it. Four months later and I own the boxset and have watched it through twice. It is my all time favourite show but one which makes me believe in myself again and gets me out of negative places. If I had to say why this was, I don't think I could give a full answer. It is just a programme which makes me switch off from everything around me, laugh, and go into a different world for a few hours. (I'm a binge watcher, what can I say). 

I've been on the other side of the coin where I have taken believing to the extreme via the darkness inside. In the past when I've been depressed, the darkness has made me believe that when I am with it, its the only time i'm free and that by killing myself, it will be the best option for my life. I have had days where all I think about is how my darkness is my only friend, who understands me and by joining that darkness it will help me to be free. 

However, i'm still here and I've learnt to slowly take charge. It's a progressive battle but I'm winning more and more each day and know that my passion in life (Mentalism), is giving me focus and allowing me to be free. 

So, no matter what it is in your life which makes you believe, gives you energy and pushes you to do better, embrace it and cherish the moments.