Notes from the Underground #5: "Time waits for nobody"

If ever there was a song which has remained with me from my early years, after my Dad played it, it is this weeks Note from the Underground. 

Superb as the lead singer of Queen and on his own, Freddie Mercury will forever be an icon of music and his song 'Time' will stand the test of time, as a very powerful and meaningful song. 

The lyric sums itself up perfectly and is a reminder that we can't control time, no matter how hard we try, and to remember that we only get one life, so it's best to make the most of all situations. 

What I love most about this 'note' is that it reminds us no matter how much we want time to slow down (when we are having fun) or go quicker (Stuck at work), time will continue to move at the exact same pace and has it's own rules. We have to enjoy the journey we are on and realise we cannot get back the time we have lost. 

If you are at a point where you are hoping that time speeds up so your holiday is coming up in a few weeks or wanting it to quicken up so you can get that scary exam out of the way, we have to realise that time won't listen and we should enjoy the ride we are on and make the most of the current moment. It's in these moments that we can learn or do so much and it is time we wont ever get back. Obviously, we can't always have powerful moments at every minute of the day, but just by taking stock of where we are, can really help. 

I'll be the first to admit that I have always been guilty of letting time slip by and wishing my life away (for good and bad). It especially happens when I get nervous about an upcoming event or something which is new. I will spend my time thinking about how I just want to get it over and done with, but then the event comes around, I love doing it, and it passes by in a flash and before I know it I'm back at home and wishing I could go back and do it all again.

What I am learning to do is to try to tell myself that time will pass at the same speed it always does and I should learn to live for the moment and not worry what is going to happen.