Notes from the Underground #14: "This is the house that doubt built"

Today marks the first time I have gotten to use my new set of Notes from the Underground cards. After making up my own originally, I wanted something which was a lot easier to use and took the plunge to design some and I can't be happier with the results.


The first one which was drawn comes from A Day to Remember, who have an uncanny knack of writing songs which strike a chord with you and today's song, this is the house that doubt built, is one I always seem drawn back to every so often and remains one of my all time favourites by them.


Some people may agree with this, others may not, but what I really love about this note is that it is encouraging you to follow your goals in all areas of life and to value the journey, because in the end all we have are our memories and when we get to the end of life's road, thats all we will be left with.

I don't want to sound morbid, on a Friday, talking about the end, but if I think back on my life so far I know that my best memories don't come from being rich, popular or following the crowd, they come from the people I have meant on life's different paths and the goals I have set myself.

What I also take is the fact that we all have our own choices of which paths we take in life. Some people won't like where we heading but if we know it will help us, then we can be happy with the choices we make as it is helping us to grow and take us to the place which will make us the happiest.

Some people enjoy going on holiday a few times a year, others want to watch their sports team live in every game, while others will be happy working hard each week and seeing their friends at the end of the week. People are so quick to judge and say that you should do life one way, but if it makes you happy then go for it and walk the path which brings out the best in yourself.

On paper it sounds easy, but life can easily get in the way and we can be knocked off our path or feel like we are on the wrong one, but the great thing is that we always have the choice to get back onto that path or find a different route. We will also have many choices on the roads we are walking but this is the joy of heading towards your goals and going through as many miles as you need to get there.

For example, I know that I am my own worst enemy and I knock myself from my paths alot of the time and want to give in. To listen to the darker side of me and end my dream and get a job I don't like and save up money. But, I know that by fighting and giving myself the best options I am staying on the path I have chosen for myself and always looking for different ways to get there. I know the journey is a long one and wont be done overnight but the more I travel down the road, the more I am building myself and my confidence up.

Everybody will have different aims which they strive for and no matter what that is, it is about always believing and doing the best you can to get there. People may knock you down, try to say you can't do it or think its a silly goal to have, but if you know its what you want, then in the end you can achieve it.

I suppose the main thing I am trying to say is that A Day to Remember offer us the chance to sit back and look at the paths we are on at the moment and decide if they are taking us to where we want to go in all areas of our life.

They say to enjoy the journey and while it will have it's trials and tribulations, it can only help us to strive for what we truly want in life and open up more opportunities along the way.