Notes from the Underground #13: This Love, This Hate

The strangest way I find the notes from the underground is that they always come up with a lyric I had not heard in a while and it leads me to straight away find the song and blast it loud. All these songs mean the world to me and the lyric is just a snippet of how good the full song actually is. 

For the second week in a row it is my favourite band Hollywood Undead and a song from their very first album: Swan Songs. 

HU 2png

Upon first reading of the lyric it seems so obvious, because when we look forward to doing something or plan something amazing, it can go wrong. We think that it will all go 'perfect' and it will run smoothly. We frequently plan for all the good that is going to come and don't realise that it could easily go wrong. 

An example from my life would be performing a few years ago and an effect I was doing went wrong. The person I was performing to, wasn't fussed as I had showed them some impressive things before this one particular effect. I was in a great moment and when I lost, it felt like the end of the world. I forgot about everything that had come before and focused on how much I had failed. 

I spent the rest of that night berating myself and felt like a real failure; but I wasn't. The next day I woke up and looked at it from a different angle and saw that it was a perfect teaching moment for me and allowed me to clearly see what I had done wrong and what I could do better the next I performed the same effect. 

If I hadn't of lost in that moment, I wouldn't have taken away a very crucial piece of information which has helped me to prepare better and overcome humps in a positive way. At the time I was horrifed but in the long run it has helped me 100 times more than if it had gone right. 

This can help us all in life to know and not just dismiss. We will all run into situations where we do our best and still fall short. If we look at it as a negative, then it will stay that way, but if we tweek our thoughts a little more to think of it as a 'learning' moment, then we can take so much away and become even greater than were when we started. 

The same can be said from the winning moments; we have to be able to take away all that we did and look at why it was so good and what made us successful. I know in the past that I have been on top of the world when I have done something amazing, but not actually taken anything away from the situation. I've not used what made it a great moment, to bring even more great moments to my life. 

I think the main way I use this lyric is to keep me motivated and going when times get tough. No matter what happens in a situation I will come away with something from it and that can only help me in the future.