A new dawn

Welcome to the Mind Sleuth blog page; Thoughts of a Sleuth. 

Before beginning my business as a Mind Sleuth, I was a student of Sports Journalism and I attended the University of Central Lancashire and ran a successful website called Split Decision MMA UK. 

Writing has always been an interest of mine and since starting on my journey in the world of Mentalism, I haven't sat down and wrote as much as I would have liked. However, that all changed recently when I wrote a post for the Shine Coaching blog, where I talked about my struggles with depression, which has got me wanting to write more and hence the start of this blog feature. 

My aim with the blog is to talk about a whole range of differing things, inparticular answering some of the FAQ's in more detail and sharing more about my journey with depression. 

I hope that you will enjoy following the blog as it develops and please feel free to share the posts around. 

If you would also like to read my blog on shine coaching, please visit: 

Thanks :)